Gift Card

You have to make a major gift, but you can not decide what?
If you have not found the right idea, it offers a Gift Card: simple, immediate and always welcome!


 The Gift Cart arrive by e-mail. The recipient receives the mailbox indicated message containing the references and the accompanying message of the person making the gift, as well as the clear indication of good value and its activation code.

CAUTION: Gift Cart can not be divided. If the amount of your spending is less than the value of the Good or of vouchers used, the remaining value will still be used


The purchaser of the Gift Cart authorizes the processing of their personal data and the Gift Cart beneficiary, should the same be delivered by regiacortematera.it;
Royal Court is in no way responsible for the theft of a Gift cart or on the fraudulent use of the same;
Royal Court is also not in any way responsible for the loss or misuse of an activation code relating to a Gift Cart.
You reserve the Royal Court to modify the following rules and conditions at its sole discretion and without prior notice.
The reservation will be confirmed upon availability of the structure.

Cancellation policy

Gift cards are not-refundable.

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